-“Melanie and John truly care about our kids. They are sincere in their beliefs to help children become better by setting goals and guiding them to a healthy lifestyle.”

-“The SimBale Sports experience developed my son’s confidence as well as inner courage, propelling him forward from his comfort zone.  As a parent, it’s been heart warming to see this personal growth and to witness the positive affect of John, Melanie, and their unique sports program.”

-“Thank you so much for providing this unique camp for our kids!  Our daughter had a fantastic time during the extreme sports week that she attended and, I think, surprised herself at how far she was able to push herself to try new things.  Your combination of sports psychology, visualization, imagery, goal setting, and unique physical skills is very innovative and we look forward to more surprises next year!”

-“Both of our daughters attended the SimBale Sports camp in June 2009 and loved it! Their favorite day was Parkour, but ours was the first mountain bike session. Our youngest daughter had been afraid of riding her bike without us standing next to her. After just two hours at the mountain bike session she was riding up and down the sidewalk curbs as fast as she could and asking to ride on the bumpy trails near our house. We even rode our bikes to camp for the next mountain bike session. We now take bike rides often as a family, and appreciate the skills and self confidence our daughter gained at SimBale”

– “Thanks for the fun and adventurous week.  The kids really enjoyed their time with friends and your fun staff.  We now look at park benches and brick walls entirely different”.

-“Thank you so much for everything you did to make your camp so enjoyable for Danny. I am sad we didn’t sign up for more sessions this year and even more sad that he will be too old to participate again next year. I signed Danny up for this camp at his request and did so with some reservations. Sometimes camps aren’t everything that I think they should be and we end being disappointed because the camp lacks some key components. SimBale Sports was a fresh surprise and I am so glad Danny had a chance to go. I really like the idea of the different activities – the Parkour sounded really great, I liked that you used the school and surroundings for bouldering – showing kids that they don’t necessarily need to go to the rock climbing gym to enjoy climbing rocks, I liked the way you had the kids do gymnastics and I liked the biking the kids got to do. I really liked the journaling and that each child had their own journal and that you gave them the time to reflect on personal goals and how to achieve them. I loved your enthusiasm and the kids all seemed happy and energized. I did not notice any “behavior” type problems which I have seen at other camps.

All in all – it was a great experience. Danny would love to volunteer at the camp next year.

~”Melanie is the best coach I ever had” (Matt Sobb/ NCD Freestyle)