SimBale Sports is a life-long approach to fitness! This approach instills fundamental physical techniques across a spectrum of activities. Our philosophy will promote a positive mental attitude that improves the performance of beginning athletes to the experienced competitors.

SimBale Sports incorporates a multitude of sports themes – from traditional team competition such as soccer, flag football, whiffle ball, and volleyball  to individual recreation activities such as rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, tumbling, paddleboarding, rowing and mountain biking – and provides physical, intellectual and emotional guidance. Participants focus on achieving personal and group success, learning how to progress from a novice to a confident well-rounded athlete. SimBale Sports program leaders use real-world examples to teach goal setting, problem solving, visualization and teamwork.

Unlike sports-specific programs, SimBale Sports teaches basic life skills and motivational techniques through an introduction of a wide range of physical activity in multiple events, driving a passion for an active lifestyle. SimBale Sports also provides the unique opportunity to learn from instructors who are professional athletes, trained fitness educators and parents.

Learn more about Olympic Gold Medalist Melanie Simboli and physical education teacher John Bale by

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We can make a difference in developing the foundation of skills towards our future leaders!



Sponsorship Opportunities: SimBale Sports is a community based program that supports children of all economic status.  If you would like to sponsor an athlete to camp, please contact us: or see our “Sponsorship” tab on this website.

Our goal this year is to sponsor 10 athletes to camp, won’t you help in our community efforts to improve our youth of tomorrow?