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Learn the skills so this too can be your future! Hard work and the mastery of the basics equals an empowered Parkour athlete!

Parkour is freely defined as the skill of moving based upon the successful, swift and energy-efficient traversing of one’s surrounding environment via the practical application of techniques, based around the concept of self-preservation and the ability to help others. In spirit, a practitioner of Parkour, shall jump, run, climb or do other aerobics type actions to get from one point to another point. It is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible, using only their bodies. Skills such as jumping, climbing, vaulting, rolling, swinging and wall scaling are employed. Parkour preparation emphasizes pace and competence which begins with the basics: useful strength, balance, conditioning and harmonization.  An athlete mastering Parkour must always be aware of their surroundings so that they can quickly  and creatively master their way around their environment. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles are preferable, and it is most commonly practiced in urban areas (see also: Wikopedia, parkour international or google parkour).