SimBale Sports Survivor Week! —Only 2 Spots Left, 5/26/16 (Please call for availability)

SESSION THREE: SURVIVOR WEEK - June 20-24 / All Week-All Day for Just ~ $149

Day 1/ Monday/ 9:00-3:00 / Location: Julia Davis Park / “Survivor Skill Basics” / The day starts with a team craft making tye-dyed headbands. The day builds with efforts to learn survivor skills such as fire building, shelter making,  knot tying and and awareness towards dangers within nature. Team bonding will strengthen with cooperative games like camouflage tag.

Day 2 / Tuesday / 9:00-3:00 / Location: Municipal Park / “Bike & Hike The Rock Garden” / Nothing beats a great day of biking and hiking. We will leave Municipal Park for a full day adventure of surviving the hike to the top of Table Rock . We will return to cool down in the Boise River and learn to build rock cairins -a navigational skill for hikers. Bike and Helmet Required.

Day 3 / Wednesday / 9:00-3:00 / Location: Municipal Park / “Fly Fishing & MK Center” / What could be better than understanding the Boise waterways from the pros themselves with a detailed tour of the MK Nature Center.  We will learn about fishing habitat, make your own fishing rods, flies and learn detailed fly fishing technique.

Day 4 / Thursday / 9:00-3:00 / Location: AM-Drop Off @ Camel’s Back Park / Afternoon Pick-Up @ Downtown YMCA / “Geo-Cache Challenge & YMCA” / A super exciting day as we discover and slide our way into the pool for a well-rounded day of excitement and activities and will geo-cache our way to the “Y”. Must have familiarity with swimming even though lifeguards will be present.

Day 5 / Friday / 9:00-12:00 / Location: Municipal Park / “Survivor Challenge” / We will culminate the week with a team challenge of the weeks activities and end with lots of laughs and surviving adventures!

A five day camp that is the perfect fit for the outdoor adventurer!  This camp is loaded with personal and team challenges that will encourage ‘outside the box’ thinking.  This program begins with skills in how to survive in your environment, a “bear grills approach” which includes tent building, knot tying, identification of things in your environment and water safety which helps make the participant a well-rounded survivor of life! Each session will offer plenty of variety for anyone interested in adventure, survival skills and Boise’s outdoor living!  Bike and helmet required on biking days.

-Survival Skills (Building shelters, fire and knot tying)  - Biking Greenbelt  -Mountain Biking  -Water Safety  -Plant education -Cooperative Team Games  -Bear Grylls & Geo-Cache Challenges!


Bonus…..daily focus of lifetime sport skills will include:

-Problem Solving Stragies

-Positive Self-Talk….adopting an “I Can” attitude

-Team Building, Fair play and Cooperative games

-Be Right & Eat Right…Nutrition education to a healthier you!

-Mental Training and Focus Techniques

-Sport History and Sporting Architecture

-Positive Self-Affirmation, Personal Appearance & body Language Communication Techniques

-Goal Setting and Journaling

-Plyometrics and Conditioning skills


Fitness made fun!               Sharing inspiring gold medal stories!         Cooperative games!


We at SimBale Sports believe that we are champions in the making!

*Step Up!     *Think Outside The Box!   * The Power Of You!  * Just Own It!   *I Can!  *Aim High!