SESSION TWO: DISCOVER BOISE SPORTS WEEK / June 13-17th / All Week-All Day for Just ~ $149

Day 1/ Monday/ 9:00-3:00 /  Location: Ann Morrison Park / “Frisbee, Frolic & Parkour” thru Ann Morrison and Albertson Parks. Old fashion fun day in the park, swings, softball, tag, fountains and Frisbee Golf. Learn to Parkour the rocks at Albertson park and enjoy the entire park system.

Day 2 / Tuesday / 9:00-3:00 / Location: Ann Morrison Park / “Discover the Greenbelt”  / We will hop on our bikes and have a scavenger hunt along Boise’s Greenbelt.  Not only will this day be full of adventure, it will give you ideas of areas to further discover throughout the summer. Bike and helmet are required.

Day 3 / Wednesday / 9:00-3:00 / Location: Municipal Park / “Discover the Water System” /We will take a tour of the MK Nature Center, learn to build rock carins, be biologists and find fish habitats in the Boise river.

Day 4 / Thursday / 9:00-3:00 / Location: Downtown YMCA / “JUMP, Dunk & Swim” / A super exciting day as we discover all that the new JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) has to offer -A history of Boise’s agricultural side. We will then try to dunk some baskets at the YMCA and slip and slide our way into the pool for a well-rounded day of excitement and activities. Must have familiarity with swimming even though lifeguards will be present.

Day 5 / Friday / 9:00-12:00 / Location:  Downtown JumpTime (10th & River) / A Fun Day Playing on Trampolines! Learn Gymnastic and Parkour Tricks and  Skills, Long Tramps, Short Tramps, Foam Pit, Dunk on the Basketball Trampoline Court, Dodgeball Challenge.

-Who needs a gym when your natural surroundings can be a creative athletic environment? This program begins with respect of the environment and animals with a visit to the MK Nature Center. It continues with a super fun day of biking the greenbelt and discovering Boise’s sites. We will also visit the YMCA and JumpTime for exceptional days of fun and excitement in and outdoors. This camp will help improve coordination, strength, agility, skill, fitness and confidence…. as each individual progresses at their own pace.

-Biking   -Hiking    -Frisbee Golf    -Scavenger Hunt  -YMCA super plunge  -Basketball   -MK Center   -Dunk Time Basketball   -Trampolines Galore     -Foam Pit    -Dodgeball  -Parkour   -Boise River  -Rafts   -Cooperative Games

Will be playing along the Greenbelt and in the Parks!  Plan your fishing trip!


Examining aquatic species in Kids in the Creek program

Examining Aquatic Species at MK Center 


Bonus….Life Skills Taught Daily: All SimBale Sports youth camp programs include a daily focus on lifetime sports skills and motivational techniques, including:

  • Plyometrics, exercises designed to improve movement and power
  • Physical conditioning & flexibility
  • Be right, eat right! Learn about healthy body, nutrition
  • Team-building through cooperative games, fair play and positive self-affirmation.
  • Personal appearance strategies, body language and communication techniques.
  • Sport history and sporting architecture, the science of movement and physical performance.
  • Mental training, visualization and focus techniques leading to improved physical and cognitive performance
  • Relaxation techniques fostering greater productivity in the classroom, better stress coping abilities
  • Personal and team goal-setting strategies
  • Learn to Love and Appreciate Life
  • Step Up! Think Outside The Box! The Power Of You! We are all champions In The Making!